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When you use your winch, do you have the right tools?

The Warn winch accessory kit comes with everything you need to get your vehicle out of trouble. All parts are nicely tucked into a durable bag to keep everything together.

Upgrade your sound system with six overhead speakers.

This VDP overhead sound bar is low-profile and out of sight, but it provides plenty of power for rocking down the highway. Available in six colors to match your Jeep, it will fit right in to your decor.

Protect your accessories by wiring them up right... through a fuse block.

Are you the guy who runs a wire straight to the battery every time you add a new accessory to your Jeep? CB, Amplifier, Light Bar... you've got wires running everywhere. You know who you are! Clean up your act with an auxiliary fuse block.

Welded from heavy-gauge steel and coated with durable epoxy.

Replace your center console with a locking one to secure all your goods in your Jeep. This Tuffy box is made of heavy-gauge steel and features Tuffy's patented lock.

85 Piece Ratchet and Socket Set

A must have for every Jeep owner. Why not keep a set of sockets handy? Your Jeep might not break down, but what about your buddy? You can never be too prepared.


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